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For hypnotherapists or those integrating hypnosis into their business, the Mind WorkStation is the only tool you will ever need.
Mind WorkStation (MWS) is a professional-grade software package specifically designed for hypnotherapy and brainwave entrainment.
Below are some features pertinent to hypnosis:


Audio Recording with Mind WorkStation
MWS includes top-quality microphone recording tools. You can record beforehand, or record while a session is playing. Noise reduction settings will help filter out any environmental noise that is not your voice.


Sound FX
MWS includes a set of outstanding audio effects which can be used to add unique features to your project:
  • 3D sound effects can be used to position your recording in 3D space. When the listener uses headphones, this feature can make it sound as if the recording is being moved around the listener's head. Or, it can make it sound as if the recording is coming from a particular direction.
  • Reverberation and echo effects are used to make a recording sound as if it is being played in different environments, such as in an auditorium or canyon.
  • Easily change the pitch or tempo of a recording.


Hypnosis Script Creation
The full-featured, multi-track editor makes it easy to place and arrange audio tracks to create a professional hypnosis script. Learn more...

Hypnosis software screenshot


Real-Time Control
You have the ability to change the stimulation in the middle of a therapy session, in order to quickly respond to the client's ongoing needs. Learn more...
Hypnosis software in action!


Biofeedback Integration
Mind WorkStation integrates with biofeedback and neurofeedback devices. This allows you to monitor your client's physiological responses, either to improve the therapy or for research purposes. Learn more...


Advanced Neural Stimulation
Mind WorkStation can deliver all known forms of audio/visual brainwave entrainment and even has some patented new methods that make the experience more enjoyable for the client.




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