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Transparent is a leader in neural stimulation and mind improvement. We work closely with major companies in the EEG, biofeedback and brain stimulation industries to create powerful software and hardware combinations, expanding the potential of these fields through technological innovation. And we consult with a host of expert researchers in the field as we create and continually improve our products.

Our reseller program allows you to profit from offering these products to your customers. We are ready to work with every scale and style of retailer and reseller to ensure a smooth distribution process through our easy to use but highly secure digital download system. And we’ll offer all the support you need along the way to successfully market these products and answer customer questions.

Benefits Of Partnership
  • Outstanding, proven and quality products
  • A recognized and respected brand name
  • Loyal and rapidly growing customer base
  • Responsive, dedicated, and truly helpful customer service

Benefits Of Reselling
  • Generous wholesale discounts and high returns
  • Excellent marketing support
  • 98.5% customer satisfaction rate

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