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MWS for product / business development and research

“We have used MindWS to develop resources to enhance learning and training activities created in the 3d virtual environment, expanding the audio element of the experience to increase the degree of immersion. MindWS will be a key tool in our project development on the schedule for 2013. The program allows us to continue to expand what we can create, which allows us to continue to help our learners improve. Thanks for that.

I began working with entrainment files as a part of my PhD work immersing educators into online, 3d virtual environments. I then began using the files personally, finding them helpful in my increasing focus on my research. Now that I am creating activities based on that research, we use the MindWS to create customized files for the specific goals for our projects, using the flexibility of the program to target just what we want to target. The ease of use of MindWS allows us to focus on those target goals rather than spending too much time dealing with the technology itself.”

- John Jamison, PhD, Capella University, MEd, Quincy University, CEO, Springfield, IL


"I was in search for a good product to realize a book project on brainwave entrainment. MindWS is the only product that is capable of doing what I need, i.e. to create brainwave entrainment sessions with ease in a short time, adding music and speech and so forth. MindWS was a great tool to get this book done, and the project will be published by Random House.

I love the ease of use and the fact that I can create high quality sessions in a very short time. The possibility to use MindWS together with biofeedback systems and AS decoders is fabulous. The documentation is very good. I don't know any other software on the market that delivers so many features.”

- Dr. Ralph Skuban, Director of a long-term care facility, Germany
PhD, Universität München


“I am a developer of Audiostrobe decoders and use MindWS regularly to facilitate all my testing and debugging needs. MindWS is an incredible piece of software. It is all anyone serious about brainwave entrainment could ever want or need. In fact, it's astonishing just how powerful this software package is. The possibilities are virtually endless.”

Heinrich Nel, Electronics Engineer, Cape Town, South Africa


“MindWS has allowed me to create a whole business for myself offering high quality brainwave audio. The documentation provided augmented the knowledge I already had, and was very well written. I have also used the audio files I have created to help me meditate and relieve stress. The software itself has performed flawlessly and I've never had a problem getting the features to work. I love MindWS!"

- Mark McCoid, Database Architect, Rockledge, FL


"Daytrading can be very stressful - or you can have a few hours of quiet and then transition into a hectic pace. I need to be "restfully alert" and MWS has been great for this.

I also engage in hi-intensity strength training. MWS deep delta helps dramatically in the recuperation phase. I like to create my own sessions, or modify existing ones, to use with my MindPlace Sirius or Procyon for enhanced AudioStrobe. The more time I spend with it, the more I get out of it. I already have achieved the goals I had in mind when I purchased MWS, but now am coming up with more ambitious strategies like affirmations and brain brightening - point being that MWS lets me test new ideas quickly.”

- Yuri Shramenko, Day Trader, Huntington Beach, CA
BA in Psychology, Rutgers University


“An incredible piece of software for composing BWE sound, I tried everything else that was available but MWS is the best i have used.”

- Miquel Angel Varon. Artist/Digital Media Producer, Los Angeles, CA


"I use MindWS non-stop in my work, so it is a part of all I do. Allows me to create cutting edge programs and products that we sell all the time."

- Kenrick Cleveland, Author, Entrepreneur, Miami, FL



"3 years ago, one student was studying for the board exams, and the overload got to her, to where she wanted to back off from taking the exams, quite sure of her incapacity to study the load in limited time. I made her use MWS during study, and she actually got 7th place in her Interior Designers Board Exams (that's 7th place nationwide).

I feel comfortable knowing MindWS is grounded on research and tests, and use it with confidence.  Somehow, even if I do not regularly use it, it makes me feel good to see the icon in my computer during those days that I just can't cope with the load that is given to me to review on minimal time"

- Balma Nandwani, Personal and Corporate Trainer, Bacolod City, Philippines
MBA, International Academy of Management and Economics, Manila, Phil.




MWS for professional therapists with clients

“I embedded health affirmations recorded by my client at the beginning and end of the theta part of a deep relaxation track. Used daily for a year now, my client has made changes to his lifestyle and reversed a pre-cancerous condition - Barretts Oesophagus. He is no longer on medication and no longer needs an operation. His hospital consultant has never seen this happen before and is interested to know what has been doing differently.

MindWS is a powerfully versatile software package which allows you design effective interventions to help your clients change their minds.”

- Suzanne Wade, Kinesiologist, Bradford, UK


"Using MindWS, I have produced various CDs for patients with anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, ADD and Alzheimer's. I am personally use the technology on a daily basis, mainly to relieve stress. The results have been exceptional.

Today I had a couple 95 years and 89 years old. They are going through very trying times. Mrs X just finished 25 radiation treatments for breast cancer. Their one son has been diagnosed with colon cancer their other son is visiting them at the moment - he has Parkinson's disease.

During the consultation she was very emotional and crying. I was behind in my schedule and put them in my second consulting room with a computer and put a session on MWS for them to listen to while I was seeing other patients. My one receptionist called me to have a look -- both fast asleep in their chairs! After the session she gave me a hug and said she is feeling great. I will now put a session on CD and let them listen to it at home.

"I may just add that since my previous mail I have provided various CD's to a number of my patients with issues such a s anxiety, depression, panic attacks and insomnia. The feedback that I received is quite amazing. Patients reduce their meds and some stopped taking their sleeping tablets."

- Willie Conradie, MD, Pretoria, South Africa


“By creating entrainment sessions that can be used during my sessions I have been able to achieve deeper relaxed states with my clients.  With deeper relaxed sessions the client relaxes into trigger points faster and sessions are more pain free.”

- Mark H, Massage Therapist, Clemmons, NC


“Mind WorkStation's ability to produce measurable brainwave changes via audio (and LED) productions, and to do so with a ton of flexibly and individual modifications (while much easier to implement than EEG Biofeedback), has shown utility for helping, in some of my clients, to increase sleep, pain control, attentional control, mood and anxiety (including traumatic stress) control. Via in session and take home audio files, used in conjunction with more traditional psychotherapeutic procedures.

Mind WS is easy to use and program with incredibly flexible and comprehensive options for individualizing brainwave entrainment states that can be verified via EEG assessment.”

- Mike Martelli, Rehab Neuropsychologist, Richmond, VA
PhD, Clinical Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University



MWS for hypnotherapists / hypnosis

"About a month ago I had the fortune to discover Brainwave Entrainment. The company I received my software from was Transparent Corp, a leader in the field. My contact there is Joe Verona and he is a hypnotist as well.

Using this software that takes the client in to the desired brainwave (Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta or Delta) as needed for the issue, and embedding the induction, script, affirmations and termination into the session, I have been running 97% success. In fact the last 7 sessions where I relied 100% on the software with embedded hypnosis, I have had 100% success.Had a client smoking 3 packs a day for the past 6 years. Left the office smoke free. In fact I walked out with him and offered him a smoke .. he could not. Said he had no desire and the thought of having one was just not pleasing.

Using MWS for hypnotherapy, I was able to drop the client deeper and faster to the level needed to achieve success. By giving them a recording of the session, they are able to have daily reinforcement and long term/long lasting positive results.”

- Michael Burch, Hypnotherapist, Brookhaven, MS
Hypnotherapist, American Association of Certified Hypnotherapists
Diplomat, International Certification Board of Hypnotherapist


"I have given clients recordings which enabled them to significantly lower stress and anxiety. I have also made videos for YouTube which have received in excess of 500,000 views, with many positive comments on the effects of Gamma, Beta and Schumann Resonance frequencies."

- Robert Decker, Hypnotist, CCHT National Guild of Hypnotists, Coconut Creek, Florida


“I used MindWS to produce a tailored CD to achieve a relaxed state by using my Light Stone [Biofeedback Device]. The client was suffering from severe anxiety and depression. By allowing him to listen regularly to a soundtrack which he believed was personally suited to him alone, he achieved relief over a matter of weeks

Mind Workstation offers great flexibility to create backing sounds that enhance and deepen hypnotic trance and meditation. The functions it offers are versatile and are suited to anyone from beginner to expert. The potentiality to enhance relaxation, learning, concentration, and energy levels are unlimited.”

- Nigel Lewis, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist


“I use both the sample and my own MWS soundtracks sometimes while working, to improve my focus and concentration, or to relax. One soundtrack in particular exceeding my expectations: I created a delta soundtrack for deep relaxation and meditation; when I tested it - while wide awake, during the middle of the day - I fell asleep within 10 minutes!

I've found the help menu to be of great help as I learned to use MWS. Well written, and appropriate graphics helped me grasp the necessary and relevant details to understand and create useful soundtracks in a logical way.

The MWS user interface is clear and easy to use, the usage recommendations and warnings that pop up when the sample soundtracks are opened are both helpful and welcome. The software is stable; I can't recall any times the program has quit or frozen.

Thank you for all of your ongoing work in making excellent products available to the public!”

- Tim, Entrepreneur, Denver, CO
CHT (Hypnotherapist), Colorado School of Counseling Hypnotherapy


“MindWorkStation is a wonderful tool that I use to develop guided imagery and deep meditation sessions for my clients. It has excellent features including the ability to mix multiple tracks, effects, and you can modify the brain wave entrainment. A great product.”

- Charles Eduardos, Hypnotherapist/Coach. Certified Hypnotherapist from HMI Cleveland, OH



“MindWorkStation is a brilliant piece of software. I don't think there's anything like it for the degree of control, ease of use, and open-endedness of the programme. Transparent corp have put an incredible amount of work into making this the best software around for exploring meditation, learning, therapeutic change, and having fun with your own mind! The supporting materials not only explain how to use the programme, but give lots of information about the background to the different methods and effectiveness of brain wave entrainment. And not only all of that, but it works really well on my Mac using vitalization software.”

- David Stevens, Cognitive Hypnotherapist, UK




MWS for personal use / general reviews

“I use MindWS to compose audio-visual sessions for myself and others. It is very easy to use and it has all the technical functions I need. Excellent. I am very satisfied with MindWS. It is definitely a powerful, reliable, stable application that works like a charm. Keep up the hard work!”

- Michele, Management Consultant, Asiago, Italy


“I personally use the Mind WorkStation for Audio-Visual Entrainment in conjunction with Hypnosis scripts and suggestions. The use of Mind WorkStation actually successfully supported me in quitting to smoke.

Mind WorkStation has continuously been improved and enhanced throughout its various updates and upgrades over the time, with new features and interfaces for certain hardware devices that have been added with each update.

Mind WorkStation is definitely the most sophisticated tool for combining various methods for self-improvement with each other - such as hypnosis, brainwave entrainment and biofeedback. Beyond that, it even supports the analysis of physiological data and therefore the effectiveness of the applications derived from it. There is definitely no other self-improvement tool on the market, which provides as many features, options and possibilities as the Mind WorkStation does!”

- Claudius Nagel, Businessman and Teacher, Idar-Oberstein, Germany
MBA, Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg, Germany
AVE-Coach - Mind Alive, Canada
Hypnosis Coach - Thermedius Institute, Germany


“Using MindWS, I have achieved a greater ability to handle stress. There are so many options for me to create advance sessions very easily. Mind WorkStation gives me the flexibility to create any type of session I want. I love it!”

- Danielle Sims, Consultant, Hallandale, FL


"This software has helped me with the following personal goals: to more effectively deal with stress, meditate more easily & deeply, and achieve enhanced creativity levels.

For example, with respect to dealing with stress- I can produce brainwave entrainment recordings that provide a richer acoustic experience utilizing tools such as 3d sound positioning and the acoustic generator to name a few. The result of these tools is a complexly nuanced recording that provides me with much greater enjoyment and relaxed focus of attention. This allows me to relax more quickly, deeply and effectively. I find too that these recordings, because of their diversity, stay effective for much longer periods of time for me.  With many other programs of this type that I've used for stress management, their effects have more rapidly diminished with time.

With respect to meditation, I have also used many brainwave entrainment programs to facilitate my process. I find that the control I have over every phase of the recording creation process with MindWorkstation, however, allows me to much more precisely and personally customize brainwave entrainment than I have ever been able to achieve before.  As a result I believe that the quality and levels of meditation I can now achieve (even when not listening to the recordings) are far superior to what I have been able to achieve to this point.”

- Nathan Stein, Consultant, Black Mountain, NC


“Using MindWS in conjunction with an EEG reader, I have found I've been able to tweak or create from scratch entrainment sound-scapes, which both enhance the depth of my meditation practice by matching the natural rhythm with which my brain wants to relax, and also to really extend the length of time that I can maintain the deepest states.”

- Michael Gilhespy, MSc, Therapist, Amsterdam
Royal Holloway, London Universtiy


"Suffering from PTSD, I became interested in Brainwave Therapy through Mind Alive in Canada. But, I needed to be able to construct a tailored session or sessions for myself and was finding that a truly professional workstation was nigh on impossible to obtain in Australia without a huge cost attached.

I have reduced my Migraines, night tremors and GAD to an almost acceptable level. A level that I could not obtain through medicinal drugs and their side effects. A wonderful and therapeutic tool available to all. Thank you. I must mention the customer service as it is as good as it could get. The options seem limited by only the knowledge of the of the operator.

I think that is the beauty of the program, being able to create for your own individual needs following basic guidelines. If I do not like a background it is easily changed, unlike purchased sessions.”

- Peter Jordan, Retired Therapist, Australia


“I created a pain relief protocol with MWS & used it after surgery to relieve pain. I required no pain medication. I was not in pain, & experienced no post surgery swelling or inflammation. A guy in the same hospital room as me had had the same type of surgery & needed several rounds of pain & anti inflammatory medication.”

- Michael Seelye, Entrepreneur, BSc in Psychology from U. of Calgary, Amherst, Canada


“I designed sessions using MindWS to assist with learning mass material and to aid in hypnosis training. Very solid toolset, designed for professional / clinical use, but simple enough for individuals to learn for personal use.”

- Mark Toms, Consulting, Bedford, TX


"Two years ago, after resolving a chronic condition which affected blood flow to the brain, I utilized MWS & NP3 for 6-8 months to help get my brain function up to normal. Your support team and programs have had a profound effect on my life, and the lives of friends introduced to your excellent entraining sessions. Easy to use for the nonprofessional and creatively satisfying.”

- Gerard Breznau, Sedona, AZ


“My daughter had a project for her studies she was finding difficulty in getting started and needed some creativity as well. I gave her the attention and focus and creativity programs which she played in the background. The results were astonishing! It unlocked her resources to produce a spectacular project with ideas and presentation that were totally original.

Technical support for MindWS is superb. I have had some difficulties - which were because I was trying something completely new - so I emailed technical support. The replies were all very fast, and solved the problem each time in easy to understand language. Very impressive.

The layout is good. If you are totally new to this like I was, some concentration is required in the beginning. But guess what? It didn't take me long to use the programs to help me learn how to use the programs! The ready prepared programs are wonderful templates that you can use as is, tweak according to taste or study to get the principles behind MindWS and produce your own unique programs.”

- Mike Davenport, Hypnotherapist, New Romney, Kent, UK
Conversational Hypnotherapy, International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists (IAPCH)


“MindWS helped me to accelerate learning meditation. I primarily used it in this context to induce alpha brain waves that made meditation much easier. I also used it to help with studying for an oral exam, which went really well. Furthermore, it helped to cure my insomnia by inducing deep relaxation when I was tense. A truly excellent piece of software that was well worth the money I paid.”

- Pite Raubenheimer, Philosophy Lecturer, Pretoria, South Africa


"What I like about MindWS is that you can simply take the samples included, and be using it in minutes, and download to MP3 as well all so easily. Plus you can play with the samples and make your own recordings- unbelievable flexibility. Its versatile, powerful, easy and most of all fun. The one problem I have found is you can’t stop using it!"

- Brad Smith, Internet Marketer and Hypnotherapist, Queensland, Australia
Diploma in Therapeutic Hypnosis, Master Practitioner of NLP


“MWS rocks! I can take my normal sounding voice, and with a few clicks of my mouse make it sound like one of those guys who do the voice overs for exciting movie trailers! MWS makes it possible for an everyday person like me to create audio works of art. Besides all that, MWS is the best brainwave entrainment producing software that I have ever encountered. Keep improving!”

- Joshua Wright, Athens, TN


"When I bought MWS, I wanted to try out the EEG driven sessions to change my perspective on life - I had a depressed mindset before. After using the excite and maintain sessions a few times, my approach towards life changed to a more positive one - my job frustration subsided, I started working out and started enjoying it.

MindWS is a tool, to understand, experiment and alter your brainwaves/moods/way of thinking - and it's the best at that.”

- Amit, Software Tester, Bellevue, WA


“Excellent piece of software, that no other company comes close to providing. I believe this software will keep me busy for a very long time as it has helped me in my quest to learn more about brainwave entrainment.”

- Larry Meyer, Government Planner, Houston, TX


“MindWS helps me to relax, and sleep better. It has also increased the quality of my mind, I am not a neurologist professional, but the people that I introduce to this technology to are satisfied with the results

I am looking forward to advancing further in this science, I think this is the wave of the future and I pride myself on being a pioneer in self development and self-help. I am the leader in a few organizations and I think it is because of my involvement in brain entrainment which expands my  mind and gives me confidence, discipline and poise .

This self-help technology has greatly improved the quality of my life, the meditation recordings are priceless. I am truly satisfied with the results I get with it.”

- Arthur, Security Coordinator, Philadelphia, PA