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Version Comparisons

Here is a comparison chart for the three versions of Mind WorkStation.

Features marked with an asterisk (*) are explained at the bottom. Click here for an explanation of features.

  Regular Professional Professional + EEG
All forms of brainwave entrainment (binaural beats, isochronic tones, etc)
Embedding BWE into sound
Screen Flashing / Visual Plugins
Random Stimulation
Biofeedback Support: LightStone (Wild Divine), ThoughtStream, Mind-Reflection, GSR2, BioScan, emWave (Freeze Framer) and more
Sounds / Playlists
Piano Controls
Echo / Reverb
3D Spatial Audio Positioning
Pitch / Tempo Adjustments
Phase / Waveform Control (of the beat)
Filters (Band-Pass, Low-Pass)
Frequency Band Selection for BWE (patented)
Export to MP3, WAV, OGG
Microphone Recording (with Noise Reduction)
Undoing, Zooming, Syncing, Snapping
Importing Files
Randomization Engine
Data Table Engine
Formula / Expression Engine
Ambience Generator*
Emotiv EPOC, Emotiv EEG and NeuroSky EEG compatibility
EEG-Driven Stimulation Sessions
(only for Emotiv EPOC or Emotiv EEG - other devices that use BioExplorer, BioGraph or BioEra require the Professional + EEG version)
Additional Ambience Presets*
Recording while playing
Graphing Tool*
Timer Engine*
Advanced Engine Functions*
Functions For Expressions*
Additional (Professional) Session Examples*
Additional (Professional) Templates
Real-Time Control Console*
Real-Time Exporting (Export While Playing)*
BioExplorer, BioGraph and BioEra support
Engine Plugins*
Engine Plugins SDK*
Additional Templates
Additional Session Examples*
Advanced Support Level*

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Biofeedback is a learning method based on your own body and the signals it sends to you. By "reading" your own body and mastering its messages and what it needs to improve its performance, you can become more self-aware of your moment to moment state and your options to change that state. Biofeedback is non-invasive, and can translate your body's distinctive signals into a variety of forms - sound, visual and sensory.

Brainwave Entrainment Brainwaves represent electrical activity in the brain, and brainwave entrainment is a method of stimulating this activity using patterns of sound or light.
EEG (Electroencephalography)

Electroencephalography, or EEG, is the measurement of electrical activity in the brain using electrodes placed on the scalp.


Engines are mini-programs used to exert an advanced level of control over content or brainwave frequencies.

Ambience Generator

The Ambience Generator arranges thousands of small audio samples to produce a unique ambient environment, such as a forest, a beach, crystal bowls or wind chimes. The best part about this type of content is that it is different every time you use it.

You can make your own randomly generated soundscape, or use the presets included:
Beach, Forest, Night Sounds, Thunder Storm, Wind Chimes, Wind

Professional Session Examples See the session list.
Additional Ambience Presets The Professional and Professional + EEG versions include additional ambience presets:
Metal-Crystal Bowls, Underwater, Water Surface

The Professional and Professional + EEG versions include a graphing tool used to chart session data or information coming from biofeedback devices.

Timer Engine

This engine is used for timing the input and output of other engines. This is a very useful feature when when the timing of engine input is important.

Advanced Engine Functions

The Professional and Professional + EEG versions include many important engine enhancements, such as action timeframes, advanced randomization options, formula functions and advanced random update options.

Functions In Expressions The Professional and Professional + EEG versions allow the use of functions in the creation of expressions.
Engine Status / Control Window The Professional and Professional + EEG include engine status windows, which will pop up on session play and give you a readout of the input and output of the session. It also allows you to pause and resume the engine at any time.
Real-Time Control Console The Professional + EEG version includes a tool designed to be used by therapists to modify a session in response to the client's reactions in real-time.
Real-Time Exporting (Export While Playing) The Professional + EEGversion has the ability to write to an MP3, WAV or OGG file while the session is playing. All playback will be included in the resulting sound file, including content that is controlled by EEG devices or the control console. This feature gives you the ability to save a session that is unique to a specific client, either for your own reference or as an aide for the client to use at home.
EEG Device Support The Professional + EEG version includes EEG device support by connecting to the BioExplorer, BioGraph or BioEra applications and transforming the data it receives from them into data that can be used to control brainwave entrainment frequencies or content.
EEG-Driven Stimulation Protocols & Designs Protocols and designs for EEG-driven stimulation are included in the Professional + EEG version.
Engine Plugins Support The Professional + EEG version supports the use of Microsoft .NET engine plugins, allowing more complex or proprietary algorithms to be used.
Engine Plugins SDK An SDK (Software Development Kit) is included with the Professional + EEG version.
Advanced Support Level The advanced support level includes priority support and, if necessary, connecting remotely to the customer's machine in order to fix any problems.

For a full explanation of the features available in Mind WorkStation, click here.