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Thought Sounds 2: Soundtracks For Focus Released

March 15, 2013

We are pleased to announce that the long awaited second volume of the Thought Sounds series is now available.

While the first volume of Thought Sounds brought you a library of ambient soundtracks to use for relaxation, Thought Sounds 2 gives you an unprecedented collection of mentally focusing and engaging music for use while studying, working or concentrating.

These tracks are also built from the ground up to work with brainwave entrainment.

In the creation of this project we worked with an incredibly talented composer who is usually busy working on film scores. These tracks are very unique, because they had to be planned form the start to fit within the rigid requirements for cognitive stimulation. They had to use minimal percussion. They had to be consistent, without breaks in the sound - yet still be distinctive to avoid habituation. They also had to use frequency ranges optimal for the embedding of brainwave stimulating rhythms using our software.

It has taken many years of research and many years of searching to find the right composer and the right designs for these tracks. It has been seven years since Thought Sounds 1, and this should only go to show how seriously we take quality and research here at Transparent. It has been worth the hard work and the wait; the result is extraordinary.

While our customers have always had ample resources to create relaxing sessions, they now have the resources to create incredible sessions for cognition.

Beta sessions will take on a whole new look!

Learn more about Thought Sounds 2 here