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Mind WorkStation 1.3 and Neuro-Programmer 3.1 Released!

September 1, 2011

Transparent is very pleased to simultaneously announce key updates to both Mind Work Station and Neuro-Programmer!

Today we’re releasing Mind WorkStation Version 1.3 and Neuro-Programmer Version 3.1. Along with bug fixes and general performance improvements, the main attraction in both updates is new compatibility with even more of the most advanced and popular EEG devices available. 4 new devices, representing developers that are true leaders in neuro-technology innovation, can now be utilized in both NP3 and MindWS:

All of these devices can be used to apply BioOptimization to sessions in both NP3 and MindWS.

We’re particularly excited the newly possible combination of MindWS and Emotiv EPOC EEG, which is now the most affordable way to take advantage of EEG-Driven Stimulation! MindWS can work directly with this device, using no additional software, to calculate dominant frequency and amplitudes in one or all of the 14 sensors on the EPOC EEG unit. All of this specific information about how your body is responding to entrainment will then be used to change and enhance the session in real time. Better still, this feature is even available in the Regular Edition of MindWS. You can learn more about EEG Driving, a particularly beneficial method of brainwave entrainment, within the overview of Mind WorkStation.

Another significant update to MindWS is the result of feedback from professional therapists: the ability to integrate live speech from a microphone into sessions as they are playing. This feature (only available in the Professional Edition) allows audio effects (such as reverb, echo, or entrainment) to be instantly applied to the voice of the therapist, and the output will immediately be heard by the user as a seamless part of their therapeutic experience.

Most importantly, the addition of support for these EEG devices marks a tremendous development in the ability of our software applications to integrate with the latest in neuro-technology to utilize the most effective and advanced methods for neural stimulation.

Download Mind WorkStation Version 1.3

Download Neuro-Programmer 3 Version 3.1