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emWave and BioEra added to Mind WorkStation supported devices

Columbus, Ohio

Mind WorkStation -Transparent Corporation's brainwave entrainment software for professionals - got even better today with the release of version 1.1.

Among a host of improvements, including accelerated performance, two important new components have been added to the software: emWave and BioEra compatibility. These components allow users of additional biofeedback and EEG equipment to easily integrate their work into Mind WorkStation.

emWave, formerly called Freeze Framer, is one of the most popular Heart Rate Variability (HRV) devices on the market today, allowing users to improve their HRV coherence scores and relieve stress using a single finger sensor which detects heart beat. Mind WorkStation integrates seamlessly with the emWave PC software by gathering information coming from emWave to be used for brainwave stimulation or advanced feedback in Mind WorkStation.

BioEra is an up-and-coming EEG software program with an impressive list of features and a growing number of supporters. Mind WorkStation easily integrates with BioEra, allowing users to create EEG-Driven Stimulation (EDS), complex auditory / visual feedback, and even additional biofeedback games.

To demonstrate the incredible functionality of these new components, Transparent has included example designs, games and stimulation protocols in the latest Mind WorkStation installation.

This update brings an unprecedented level of biofeedback and EEG support to Mind WorkStation, which already supported a huge range of devices. Here is a brief list of the devices now supported by this software:

Personal Biofeedback Systems:

  • ThoughtStream
  • GSR2
  • LightStone (Wild Divine's hardware)
  • BioScan
  • emWave (Freeze Framer)

EEG Software Supported:

  • BioExplorer
  • BioEra
  • BioGraph

Professional Systems (BioExplorer, BioEra or BioGraph required):

  • Brainmaster
  • Brainquiry PET EEG
  • Pendant EEG/HEG, Pocket A1-A3, Abhayamudra I, Abhaamudra II
  • WaveRider (all versions)
  • Neurobit Lite
  • OpenEEG
  • NTA-1000
  • SpectraLite Pro
  • Mind Tuner
  • J&J C-2, J&J C-2 mini, J&J C2+
  • Roshi 1-2+
  • Neuroamp (BioEra only)
  • Mindfield MindMaster (BioEra only)
  • POLAR HRM Transmitter (BioEra only)
  • Procomp2, FlexComp Infiniti, ProComp Infiniti and ProComp5
    NOTE: BioGraph 4+ is required for Thought Technology products

Explore the Mind WorkStation website to find out more about this important update.