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Mind Stereo 1.1 Released

Columbus, Ohio

Today the Transparent Corporation has updated its breakthrough software Mind Stereo to version 1.1, improving performance, audio processing and internet radio support, in addition to a number of other improvements.

Mind Stereo is the first "Media center for the mind", enabling users to experience the benefits of brainwave entrainment while listening to a playlist of any music. MP3s, CDs or even internet radio can be used. In an age where music is the soundtrack to nearly every aspect of life, and many office workers report listening to music for at least part of their work day, Mind Stereo has the capacity to improve the lives of millions of people. People are already listening to music every day - why not benefit from that time by enhancing your concentration, or relieving stress?

With version 1.1, Mind Stereo has been made even better.

Improved performance makes opening and playing files faster than ever. And, enhanced audio processing and internet radio support makes your music sound better than ever.

Additionally, neural stimulation methods and protocols have also been improved, further increasing the beneficial effects of using the software.

Try Mind Stereo today!