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Adam Hewett
Co-Founder / Lead Developer
Adam is a co-founder of Transparent and the creator of all Transparent software products, including Neuro-Programmer, Mind WorkStation and Mind Stereo. He has been in the brainwave entrainment industry for over 13 years, continually striving to push the field forward. He has collaborated with major neurotechnology companies, creating software/hardware combinations that aided in the rise of EEG-driven entrainment, and made this technology more accessible and versatile.

Adam has also worked closely with leading audio-visual stimulation researchers. His efforts have increased the focus on science and evidence-based approaches in the field at large. His software has been instrumental in several peer-reviewed clinical studies, such as an independent study on Heart Rate Variability (HRV), one study on Focus and one on Sleep for (pending publication), and in 2008 he made possible the largest research overview in the field to date: A Comprehensive Review of The Psychological Effects of Brainwave Entrainment.

He holds a patent on a method of his own invention for embedding brainwave stimulation into audio, and another on memory.

Before entering this industry, Adam studied music composition and philosophy at West Virginia University before moving to Columbus, OH to help start several companies. He was a programmer in the telecommunications and health insurance industries until an early experience with brainwave technology ultimately led him to found Transparent in 2003. He currently lives in Chicago where he co-founded and occasionally speaks on topics related to music research or auditory stimulation.

As a child he was a concert guitarist but still finds spare time to play. He escapes the city to hike in nature as often as possible.
Cynthia Cheung
Co-Founder / Director of Finance
Cynthia is the co-founder of Transparent Corp and currently serves as the company's Director of Operations and Finance. Prior to Transparent, Cynthia worked as an Economist for the State of Ohio. However, it was her work with several IT start ups while in college that inspired her to found Transparent with Adam Hewett.

Cynthia is a graduate of The Ohio State University. She holds degrees in Economics (BS) and Management Information Science (MA). Currently she is a member of the Chicago Board of Trade.

Outside of work Cynthia subsists on a steady diet of non-fiction books, podcasts and English soccer.
Aaron Smyk
Director of Operations
Aaron uses his passion for language and data to help people discover Transparent technology. He has broad experience developing and executing every aspect of a web-based marketing strategy, previously working on website campaigns for lawyers, independent book publishers, a university, and one of the largest public art centers in the United States. Aaron holds a B.A. in English from Kutztown University. He's a native Pennsylvanian, bikes whenever he can, and enjoys going to art museums and baseball games.