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Affiliate accounts may NOT be used for:

1) SPAM of any kind

2) Anything that could be perceived as SPAM, such as sending affiliate links to user groups, forums, chat rooms or other outlets. Doing this just makes it seem as if Transparent is spamming people - a practice we vehemently oppose. The affiliate program is primarily intended to be used with links on already established websites and networks.

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Payee Tax Information (for U.S. citizens, residents, and organizations): If you are an individual, please enter your U.S. Social Security number and your name; if you represent an organization, please enter its IRS employer identification number (EIN) and the organization's name.
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Payment of commission is only done through paypal. We send prompt, monthly payments. An account must have a minimum of $25 accrued earnings to receive a payment. If a payment has not yet reached $25, the amount will carry over into the next month.

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Please Note: The sites you list here must be currently up and running. If a site is not available your application will be put on hold temporarily. Please email us when your site is ready, and we will consider your application at that time.

If you don't intend to use a website, describe your intentions in the Other Information field.

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