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Update - 6/19/2018

Dear Transparent software users,

We would like to express our deepest apologies for the problems the latest Windows 10 update has caused in running our software. We had a workaround, but then there was another update that broke that workaround. We are working on others, but until we can find a workaround or fix it, we’ve made the very, very tough choice to discontinue the sale of the software.

Here are the best solutions we’re aware of at this time:

  • Use our software within a virtual environment like VMWare or Parallels. It should run fine on virtual environments such as these, with Windows 7. We have numerous reports that it does, as of now.
  • Use our software on a computer running Windows Vista or Windows 7.
  • Check back for updates here while we continually search for work-arounds (which we promise we will continue to do)

Our promise to existing customers:

  • CONTINUED SUPPORT: We will continue to provide support for at least one year from this date (6/19/2018). But please understand that due to this problem with Windows 10 our support is overloaded. We couldn’t have expected this. We will get back to you, we promise!
  • REFUNDS: If you have purchased within 90 days, simply submit a support ticket and we will get back to you with a refund. (if our response is delayed until after 90 days pass, we will of course still honor the refund!)
  • CONTINUED LICENSE KEYS: Our automated key generation system will continue to give you new keys for new computers indefinitely. You can always access these keys and re-download your purchases by logging into your Member’s Area account.


It has become harder and harder over the years to keep the software up to date, as it was built on older hardware and for older operating systems. In the end, it became a labor of love only.

15 years ago, Transparent was founded. At that time, “brainwave entrainment,” or any other name for it, was neither well known nor respected. 15 years later, we're proud to report that there are papers in Nature and PNAS on entrainment. It is a well known and accepted phenomenon, and has been linked to increased attention.

From the beginning, we wanted to make something that would be easy for consumers to try and for scientists to study. This is the very reason Mind WorkStation software was created. It took 3 years to build and another year to beta test. You can imagine the frustration when researchers found it too complicated and bulky.

To realize this dream, we’ve worked hard with leaders in the field and finally were awarded a prestigious research grant from the government (National Science Foundation) to study what we do, and if this dream we have of making helping millions of people is to come true, we have to put all our energy there. It is our dream to make auditory stimulation a respected, FDA-approved, modality.

Lastly, we just want to say again how sorry we are. We know what the software meant to you. It is our ardent hope that in the future we will be able to again make software that allows everyone to experiment with those wonderful neural oscillations we call brainwaves!

Your friend these past so many years,

- The Transparent Team

Note to Existing TCN Members:

All license terms regarding the TCN Program remain in effect, and can be found on this page